"LIFESAVER !!!! My son was in desperate need of certain services but I hadn't a clue on how to get them. A member of the staff told me about Ms. Jackie and she spent SO much time not only explaining everything BUT she got me in touch with the right places and even helped me get more services that I didn't have a clue I was able to get. We have stayed friends and would recommend her and or anyone who has the pleasure of working with her." – Emily

"As a single parent I have no choice but to work in order to help get insurance for my child. I was drowning in medical bills and copays. That was until I met these great people when they were passing out gifts over the holidays. I had my niece with me and they even gave HER a gift and said it was from my son. I started talking with them and we exchanged information and I was given a path to waivers that would help me with these expenses. These folks wanted nothing but to bring a smile to others. God Bless Them and what they do." – Connie

"I am a survivor of domestic violence and I can say that I lost my ways. That was until I had Jackie come into my life. She saw me at my absolute darkness and stayed with me each and every day. I was ready to give up, to just let go and forget this world. Yet, she made me talk with her every single day for three full weeks. I wasn't allowed to miss one time. as this time went on I learned so much about myself and realized that I was worth fighting for. Jackie literally saved my life. When my family friends and even counselors gave up on me thinking there was no hope left for me Jackie stayed full force. Now I am back at work not scared of my own shadow and have a good friend for life." – Helena

"As a victim, I gave up on everything. Until I met Jackie. She and I bonded over something no one should ever go thru in life. She was there as my friend, my listener, my shoulder and my strength. She walked my steps with me and I will never be able to repay her for that." ~ Ashley

"I was new to the entire IEP process and was at a complete loss during my first meeting. I felt like my head was spinning and I was being ganged up on. As I sat there trying to understand what was being said, I started to feel scared as to how these “bullies” treated my daughter every day? It was clear that the other 8 people in the room knew that I didn’t have a clue as to what could or couldn’t be done during this meeting. When I left this nightmare, I called a friend of mine and told her I felt like I just got washed out by a cyclone. She told me that she also had that very same experience but found someone who helped her. I begged her for her name and number and contacted her right away. Jackie took the time to listen to what happened and never judged me. She told me how she had been right where I was, and it felt like the room was spinning out of control. She spoke to me like a friend, she broke everything down for me in a way that made sense. This is how I felt those “bullies” should have been explaining things during our meeting. We walked through our new revived plan, and I requested a do over with the school. This time I was bringing MY advocate. Before the meeting, Jackie answered each and every question I had. I felt that she treated me like a person who understood exactly what was going on. Jackie was introduced by me as my advocate (that I told them that I would be bringing with me on the notice) and that’s when she took over. I had NO idea of our rights and what we were allowed to have. My daughter is thriving now solely due to her professionalism and the fact that Jackie would NOT back down from ensuring that my daughter obtained everything that she needed. Rest assured; we finally have someone in OUR corner. 

Thanks, Jackie, for all you do." - Lisa