Mentoring a Special Needs Friend

We're mentors, yes, but more importantly we're friends — not their parents. The child's parent is the one who raises their child according to their beliefs, and principles. This allows your child/children to have an opportunity to have someone outside of their everyday medical life that they are use to spending their time with.

With the pandemic and other things going on right now. We will begin this program using zoom. During which time we can do all sorts of fun things together such as, building jewelry boxes, discussing the latest book or movie that they have seen, creating different art projects that are specifically designed just for them.

Believe me when I say that you will grow a surprisingly strong attachment to your new friend. These kids have such an impact on your life you will be amazed. You will take pride in their accomplishments as well as support them with their everyday activities as well as their trials and tribulations.  

It does take a lot of time. Coming up with activities (and asking your Little what he or she would like to do) and then doing it can sometimes be a challenge. But it's one in which you know you're making a big difference in their life and what better feeling is there than that? Once you hit that one-year mark, you have changed that child's life. Studies prove as much.

While each relationship with a Little is different, they are all worthwhile. You'll do more than you know.