You can't get more open than this!  

These are just a FEW of the many, many injuries that I recieved at the hands of my abuser. Never did I believe that I would be a battered wife. Yet alone a pregnant battered wife.  Stabbings, fractures, dislocations, permanent hearing loss, and partially paralyzed and that isn't even half of it.
 I fought the fight of my life, not just for myself but for my child as well. I had more proof than anyone knew what to do with. Yet, I was always asked why I had such an overwhelming amount of proof. "Because no one believes me, no one see's what is happening and he is going to kill  me." Doctors  wrote sworn affidavits, nurses also made statements, photos were taken and even audio recordings were made with him admitting to everything, yet I couldn't break free. Everyone just blamed me for making him get that angry!!  

Please hear me when I say this as it took YEARS for me to realize this myself. YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING THAT MADE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 You can't set bones that aren't broken, you don't have surgery for something that doesn't need to be fixed. This is NOT YOUR FAULT! Now fast forward a little more than a decade, a bunch of court hearings, interrogations, dozens among dozens of surgeries, scars that cover greater than 70% of my body and now being permanently disabled  and you will find me happier today than I have ever been.