A Contagious Smile is a family that continues to grow as we support both families of special needs as well as survivors of domestic violence and other forms of abuse for well over 16 years and counting.

Our Founder, CEO and President are special needs parents, our Founder is also a survivor of domestic violence and special needs herself, she understands just how challenging it was and still is to be able to obtain the assistance that you require and deserve.

ACS is a place where there is no judgment, no bullying and you get to be YOU! We offer support groups, social groups, classes, legal document preparation, podcasts, teen talk podcasts and much more.

Finally, somewhere safe where you can be amongst lifelong friends, who understand exactly who and where you are because each and every one of us has been there or is still there. We believe in having fun, learning with laughter, and supporting one another.

From the very beginning A Contagious Smile has been funded solely out of the pockets of its Founders. Unfortunately, there are quite a bit of expenses that come with what we do. If you would like to see us continue to help others like yourself, your families or other individuals who have been thru what you have. please donate, no amount is too small. GOD BLESS YOU! https://gofund.me/01c59071

Every smile tells a story!
Come and share yours!